Stealth Wi-Fi - Portable Wi-Fi Units

One of our exciting new products is the Stealth Wi-Fi, now you can take your Wi-Fi with you! Easily connected. Amazingly simple!

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The Stealth Wi-Fi can be used in several commercial vehicle applications such as Oil & Gas, construction and commercial trucking. It can be used in locations Wi-Fi is not generally available, making it great for use in those remote locations!

The units are a small portable device, it can be transferred from the vehicle to camps houses, etc. The installation is very simple, it is just a basic power cable that can be hooked up directly to the battery of the vehicle or we also supply a cigarette adapter so they can easily remove for mobility.  We have adapters available for both 12v and 110v. Installation time is a quick maximum 10 minutes! There will be an installation guide included.

Portable Wifi Calgary Alberta Unit

Any time your vehicle is on, your hotspot is available and ready to connect to your devices, so it's easy to use. Our stronger signal means you have a fast and reliable connection and because the built-in Wi-Fi hotspot is powered by your vehicle, you don't have to worry about your mobile device battery. Stealth Wi-Fi effectively turns a subscriber’s vehicle into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot!

It is our own private LTE data network, only our Stealth Wi-Fi clients are on it which allows the speed to be `lightning fast`! Clients would select a data plan they want for their usage and clients are notified when it’s coming close to the end of their usage so that they are not charged an astronomical fee after they have gone over their usage.

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Our Network is the same coverage as Telus®, we are proud partners with them and share cell towers. We have clear coverage across the North America. Our product also comes with dual Sim cards and will have full coverage in the US coming soon.

With the Stealth Wi-Fi, you can travel wherever you want and still be in communication via e-mail, photos, and even videos. You can do your banking online and manage your emails. Your work can be shared with all your supervisors and colleagues and it is a great way to stay in touch with the family when you are on the road away from them.

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